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Good Bye 2017

What a year it has been

Time flies way too fast. I feel like 2017 just started, and now it's just about over. As I look back, so much has happened this year, lots of exciting and happy things but also lots of tragedy and sad things. 

I've finally had the guts to get into the career field I've always dreamed of getting into, which is Medical Assisting. In the middle of this exciting process, a huge hurricane passes through my families home in the USVI, which is so devastating. 

When something good happens, something terrible always manages to come after. 

Staying positive is always key. 

Here is what I've learned this year:

❥To follow your dreams
 ❥To help those who need it 
 ❥To love yourself/ believe in yourself
 ❥To do what you love
 ❥That even when others think you can't do it, know that you can

I wish everyone a Happy New Year. 
See you on the other side! 

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