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10 Things To Always Insist On

"If you live for other peoples acceptance, you will die from their rejection"

Insist on staying true to yourself
No matter what anyone says or does, you should always stay true to yourself. Be completely honest with yourself and what you feel deeply. "Allow your truth to flow through you and into the world."

Insist on forgiveness 
Forgiveness is not an easy thing. But insisting on being forgiving will make you a happier person. Once you forgive someone, it doesn't mean things must go back to the way things were, but it means you can move on and live a more positive life. 

Insist on chasing your dreams
To some people, your dreams might sound silly or seem small, but if it's important to you, don't give up. It doesn't matter what others think. Do you! 

Insist on only surrounding yourself with those who make you a better or happier person
Hanging around negative people will make you a negative person. Insist on only being around individuals who push you to be your best and make you happy. Surrounding yourself with positive people will only benefit your life. 

Insist on learning from your mistakes
We all make mistakes. It's up to you to learn from them and take something positive from it. Don't let anyone make you feel bad just because you've made a mistake. 

Insist on kindness
Kill em with kindness! Insist on being kind and becoming a better person. Never let anyone push you into doing something mean to someone else. Stand up for yourself and for others. Be a friend! 

Insist on embracing change 
Change can be a good thing. When things stay the same, there isn't room for growing or improvement. The world is always changing around us so why not change with it! (In a positive way, of course.)  

Insist on living in the moment
You only have one life, live it! So many people are stuck in the past or are worrying about the little things. Insist on living in the moment and having fun. Don't stress it cause tomorrow is a new day.

Insist on making time for yourself
Self-care is so important. Don't let anyone take your 'me time.' Insist on taking care of yourself and sometimes putting yourself first. 

Insist on honesty 
It can be hard being honest, but it’s always a good thing. Honesty builds trust. Always insist on being honest no matter the situation. 

Always insist on being YOU!


  1. This is amazing post. I even thing to print it out and put it on my desk :) Thank you for that!

  2. Such a perfect post, all these things could make someone so I happier, they are so important xx

  3. great post! you should make it a printable!

  4. YES!!! This post is soooo up my alley right now. Where I need to put myself first.

  5. What a great, positive, insightful post! I'm inspired!

  6. great post

    i enjoyed reading this

    thanks for sharing

    - Regina

  7. I enjoy these personal development articles. They always make me rethink what I am doing.
    Thank you, Solmari.

    xoxo Livia | liviaclaireblog.wordpress.com

  8. Totally agree with so many of these! Sometimes it's hard to remember though and this was a great reminder!