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Daily Checklist

"Happiness is not a checklist. A dream job, a fast car, a good home, even love, mean nothing at all if you have not yet found a way to feel full and content in your own mind and heart." - Beau Taplin  

I feel like there are certain things we should do each day so that we feel more confident, more beautiful and love life more each day. 
So here’s a checklist that I created that you should go over each day:

🗹 When you wake up look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful

🗹 Compliment another woman

🗹 Do something you love

🗹 Listen to some good music

🗹 Let go of any negative comments/vibes

🗹 Before you go to bed take 30 minutes of “me time.”

Check out my 12 daily reminders post for more things to think about throughout your day. 


  1. Okay, this is a checklist that I can get behind. What a great reminder that our day shouldn't be focused solely on just getting things done.