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Love Life|Personal Experience

"I am mine. Before I am ever anyone else's"-in 

I used to believe that I could only be happy if I was in a relationship. When my current relationship didn't work out, I quickly ran to someone else. And I would continue getting hurt. I would ask myself why none of my relationships would work out and I finally realized that it was me. How can I be happy in a relationship if I wasn't happy with myself? If I didn't know who I was, how could I know what kind of person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with? If I didn't love myself, how can I expect someone else to love me?And so I took a break from dating and started dating myself. I began focusing on myself and what kind of person I wanted to become. Most importantly I learned to love myself

You don't need to be in a relationship to have fun or to be happy; you have family, friends and yourself. Loving yourself first changes how you see others, it changes the way you want to be treated. It makes you realize the things you want in life. You can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself. 

Here are some great tips that helped me:   

  • Be in a relationship with yourself first
  • Discover who you are, who you want to become
  • Learn to love yourself 
  • Be in love with your life
  • Decide what kind of person you want to spend your life with
  • Don’t get into a relationship for the wrong reasons
  • Don't let anyone treat you less than you deserve


  1. Excellent post. Gracefully written. Keep them coming. I agree you have to love one self before you can truly except love from elsewhere.i have gone through those stages in life... and im much happier. ..

  2. your post pretty much resonates with what i think and learnt from life. Completely agree tht one needs to love your own self before ou learn to love someone else!

  3. You couldn't be more right. We all need to love ourselves before anyone else can do the same!