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Story Time

So something crazy happened.
So this is a little random, but I'd like to share a story about something that happened to me recently. Maybe it can help someone. 

It was a regular day, I was on my laptop, and I clicked on a random website about lifestyle, and my laptop went crazy. A red screen popped up, and a voice started saying "You have a virus, please call the number on the screen!" I tried to exit out of the web browser then go back on, but it wouldn't stop, so guess what I did, I called the number on the screen.

A man picked up and told me what was going on. He was able to get into my laptop from his side, and he showed me what happened. He said I caught a virus, and someone hacked into my system, and they need to install some apps on my laptop to fix it. He stated that if they don't install them, it will affect my internet and all the devices in my home. But to get these apps installed, I will have to pay a price of 399$ for a 3-year warranty or 899$ for a lifetime. So that's when I said, umm no. I told him that I couldn't pay for that right now, so I was ready to hang up, the man kept insisting saying that even if I get a new computer it will still get affected because of the IP address, and I'd have to move to a different location if I didn't pay for these apps to be installed. After being on the phone for almost an hour, I hung up. Oh and by the way, right before I hung up he said, "Thanks for wasting my time!"  Who says that?

I was so confused and upset, I didn't know what to do. My boyfriend told me to just bring it to Best Buy because that's where I bought it and they can probably fix it. Duh, why didn't I think of that?

So the next day I brought it in and told them what happened. They said that it was all a scam! My computer never had a virus, it became infected once he got into my computer. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I was in total shock. Once they told me this, it all made sense. The man wasn't professional at all and what he was saying just didn't make any sense.

My laptop had 60 infections, and the whole windows system was corrupted. They were able to fix it at a low price.

I know there are scammers out there but wow, to actually get into someone's computer and infect it for money is insane. People will do anything for money.

Never call a random number that pops up on your screen! It's a scam!

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