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3 Ways to be more social

Calling all introverts! 
I've always been a quiet person, sometimes I hate it because being so quiet prevents me from speaking my mind. Getting a job really helped me in this area. I work at the front desk of a college, so obviously I have to talk to people. I'm still quiet but not like I used to be (it was ridiculous.) I think I'll always be a quiet person, that's just me, but I've learned so much about speaking up.

Being social builds confidence and good social skills. These 3 things helped me to be a little more social. I hope they can help you too. 

Be yourself 
Don't try telling people what they want to hear, just be yourself. Be honest and open. People like that, they want you to be real, not something that your not. When you open up, trust develops and friendships form. Don't try to impress them, you aren't really being yourself. Being genuine will make them like you, and it will keep the conversation going. If you have a sense of humor, use it. Sometimes it's hard to know whether it is appropriate to joke around, but you can always test the situation by using a little self-deprecating humor, which will never offend anyone. 

Take risks
Start small, smile at someone you're walking by, compliment someone or make small talk at the grocery store. Little things like these will make you feel more comfortable talking with people and being around them. Before you know it, you will be talking to people without even thinking about it or being so nervous. You should also reflect on topics you know about, so you always have something to talk about and also ask about. 

Push yourself
I would give myself pep talks all the time (sometimes I still do) "Just go and talk, ugh" HAHA literally what I would tell myself. If you really want to be more social, push yourself to do it. It's not as hard as it seems. Tell yourself you aren't nervous or don't even think about it just do it, sometimes I have to do that, I won't let myself think about it, or else I won't do it. But I also like to rehearse in my head what I'm going to say, I guess it just depends on where I am and who I'm trying to speak with. 

I'm still working on being more social each day, I'm not where I want to be yet. But one day I will!