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Being confident has a great impact on our happiness. Learning to be confident isn't always easy, especially when society is trying to tell us who to be instead of just being ourselves.

It's important to be confident because it determines how much we achieve in life. High self-confidence will impact your work life, your home life, basically every part of your life. You'll be less stressed, you'll perform better, you won't spend your time avoiding conflict, and you'll feel free.

Here are some tips to help boost your confidence:

  • Believe in yourself 
  • Don't accept failure
  • Don’t compare yourself to others 
  • Appreciate yourself 
  • Embrace your own beauty 
  • Be true to yourself 
  • Accept yourself as you are 
  • Know your worth 
  • Don’t judge others 
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Get out of your comfort zone 
  • Face your fears 

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